Waikato OneView is a Waikato Local Authority Shared Services (WLASS) initiative driven by WLASS in collaboration with the participating Waikato Councils.

What is OneView?

Essentially OneView has 2 parts to the overall project and deliverables: 1) Merged spatial map data from the participating councils; 2) A single Web Map Viewer that shows the merged spatial map data.

Key Principles

  • To merge spatial & non-spatial data across the Waikato region e.g. one Storm Water Pipe layer, not twelve.
  • A single Web Map Viewer: “One Stop Shop”.
  • Alignment of WRC data with TLA data.
  • Invoke council Collaboration as the next phase of the Waikato Regional Geospatial Road Map.
  • Provide a regional channel for communication with customers.

Which Councils participated in OneView?

What maps are available?

For Phase 1 of the project 3 maps are available with merged spatial map data.

  1. 3 Waters – Stormwater, Wastewater, and Water Supply.
  2. Property – All property related data in the Waikato.
  3. Community & Recreation – showing Bike/Walking Tracks, community related data.

Participating Councils