To start using Waikato OneView visit our home page and start one of the viewers.

Each viewer will open a new window and show a Web Map Viewer looking at the participating Waikato OneView Councils.

Four viewers are available containing merged spatial map data.

  1. Three Waters – displays asset inventory data of the stormwater, wastewater and drinking water services for the participating councils.
  2. Property – displays detailed council property boundary data and additional LINZ data.
  3. Community & Recreation – displays parks and reserves, walking tracks, and community facilities.
  4. All data – a single map containing all of the above data.

Yes, you can use the Download Spatial Data tool on the top-right toolbar.  This tool will allow you to select an area on screen and then export it as CSV, SHP, or FileGDB. For more help, see our video on exporting data below.

When you click the “Add Button”, there are several options to add data.

Search: When you search for layers, this is the massive cloud database as part of ArcGIS Online. You can find anything here which includes authoritative and non-authoritative data.

URL: This option is how to reference web services online. This usually is in the form of REST services, that you have to point to.

File: If you have your own data on your personal computer, then you can add data as a zipped shapefile, CSV, TXT, GPX, or GeoJSON.

The intention of Waikato OneView is to create more maps with more merged Waikato spatial data.

If there is data that you would like to see in our maps, please complete the contact form or email

You can also visit the Waikato Data Portal for more individual council data.

Need help?

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Video guides

Search & Navigating
Exporting Data
Legends, Layers, & Basemaps
XY, Select, & Print